Apr 6, 2017

mr. trump meets xi jinping at palm beach

During dinner at Mar-a-Lago, Mr Trump said he had "developed a friendship" with Mr Xi and that he thinks he will have a "very, very great relationship" with the Chinese leader.
The US president joked that "so far I have gotten nothing, absolutely nothing" in talks.
The meeting comes after North Korea carried out a ballistic missile test on Wednesday, and as Mr Trump’s supporters demanded he fulfil his campaign promise to bring manufacturing jobs back from China, Nick Allen reports.

Speaking hours before sitting down to dinner with Mr Xi and his wife Peng Liyuan, Mr Trump said: “We have a big problem on North Korea, so we’re going to see what happens.”

Asked if he hoped to leverage China into action over North Korea’s nuclear programme, Mr Trump said: “I’ll tell you we’ll be in there pitching, and I think we’re going to do very well.”