Mar 5, 2017

điều mật nhiệm của trần gian

La La Land’s conclusion seems sad, but really, it’s just uncharacteristically subtle.
Kết cuộc phim La La Land hơi đượm buồn, nhưng thực tế, nó chỉ mang điều mật nhiệm của trần gian

Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) and Mia (Emma Stone) in LA LA LAND.
Sebastian & Mia
In every song-and-dance number, La La Land fusses with its genre. The story adheres to some conventions of Golden Age Hollywood musicals, and dismisses others. (Director Damien Chazelle really milks the humor in moments when modern conventions disrupt into the genre’s stylistic shorthands.) The boldest thing about La La Land is not the songs (because, come on, there are really two good ones) but that it asks its audience to understand that a happy ending doesn’t require its leads to still be in love. Sebastian and Mia live two parallel love stories: She has movies and he has jazz. They both end up with what they wanted in the end, and the movie doubles down on their separate journeys. The movie doesn’t give us a dramatic “I choose me” monologue; it has the good manners to just to let the main characters be quietly selfish.

Image result for la la landBesides, that kind of big declaration wouldn’t fit in this movie, which hints throughout its run time
 that the two leads weren’t exactly made for each other. Mia and Sebastian are a dazzling couple when they dance, but not when they do much else. They overdress to go to the movies and guilt each other into being more ambitious. Even that last stunning sequence of Sebastian’s idealized life with Mia — itself a nod to the dream ballets of earlier musicals — leaves his own life incomplete; nothing, not even a Technicolor fantasy, could let both of them have it all together. Sebastian dreams up Mia achieving modest success, but even in that wildest of dreams, he’s without his jazz club. It’s only in real life, when Mia returns to her taste in dark-haired, serious men (her husband looks remarkably similar to the guy she was dating at the beginning of the film) that she can have everything she wants. La La Land’s conclusion seems sad, but really, it’s just uncharacteristically subtle.