Nov 21, 2016

week 11, seahawks vs eagles

The Seahawks secured a 26-15 victory over the Eagles in Week 11 at CenturyLink Field. Here's what Philadelphia had to say to the media after the game: Read
Head Coach Doug Pederson
(On if this game is a good measuring stick for where you want to go…) “I think so. I think it’s a benchmark for us. You look at certain games on your schedule and obviously this is one. They are a team that is playing extremely well. We were coming off of a good win a week ago. These are benchmark games. I’ve learned in my career as a player and a coach that things are never as bad as they seem and they're never as good as they seem. We will get a chance to evaluate this game on the plane back. We will make the necessary adjustments. We have some time coming up this week. We, myself included, just have to get better.”