Jul 12, 2016

đường 9 đoạn bất hợp pháp

 @$#%& 洛浅滩 ay yah ya... aaaaah  !
Ái  cha cha úm ba la cá rô bắt ra China ta cá tra bắt bỏ dzô ay yah yaaaah !

Hong Kong (CNN)An international tribunal in the Hague ruled in favor of the Philippines in a maritime dispute Tuesday, concluding that there was no legal basis for China to claim historic rights to the bulk of the South China Sea.

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  @$#%& 洛浅滩 ay yah ya... aaaaah  !
Ái  cha cha úm ba la cá rô bắt ra
China ta cá tra bắt bỏ dzô ay yah yaaah !
In a statement released straight after the ruling, the Philippines government said it "strongly affirms its respect for this milestone decision as an important contribution to ongoing disputes in the South China Sea."

The Tribunal concluded that China's doesn't have the right to marine resources within its "nine dash line," which extends hundreds of miles to the south and east of its island province of Hainan and covers some 90% of the disputed waters.

China had violated those rights by interfering in fishing and oil exploration, constructing artificial islands and failing to stop Chinese fisherman from fishing the zone, the ruling said.
The panel found China had caused "severe harm" to coral around the site of its artificial islands. It had also "violated its obligation to preserve and protect fragile ecosystems."

Source:   CNN