Jun 21, 2016

the generals and feng shui

Tướng ta pha tướng ... Tàu 

Vee Cee and Cee Cee guys seem so pro Feng Shui, they both believe that as a military general a man would  be looking like a tiger with plenty of fire hot air inside to make enemies be scary him bla bla bla ... ha ha ha !  Sounds joking, doesn't it ?                                                                                                           

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 Vietnamese children hand in Chinese
flags  with  their 1 extra  favor star
The Vee Cee guys were in Cee Cee debts of financial and lot of supports  during Viet Nam War era, now they still pay back. Actually two countries have had a short war in 1979. But that was an unhappy thing for Vee Cee . Cause,after the Vee Cee signed  a military treaty with Red Russian, they had reason to against Chinese based on the confidence of Russian ultimate forces. Unfortunately, Soviet Union  colaped 10 years later without any Vee Cee's forcast. What does the Cee Cee think, when a  betrayer bend his knee to go back to them ? The Vietnamese have a proverb: "Don't be cunning but no wise brain !" Who knows.

CCP = Chinese Communist Party
VCP = Vietnamese Communist Party