May 9, 2016

hàm răng của chả dzàng khè hà

Michelle Mone Michelle Mone picked up an adorable Vietnamese boy for a cuddle... but he turned out to be a 46-year-old dwarf

Michelle Mone bế nựng một đứa bé VN dễ thương ... nhưng không ngờ hắn là gã  lùn xịt  46 tuổi

Michelle told The Mail On Sunday: "The guy was fine with it and the whole room was screaming with laughter.
"I thought something was wrong - his teeth were bright yellow from nicotine."

Michelle nói với The Mail On Sunday: "Cha nội thì không sao và cả căn phòng cười ầm ĩ. "Tôi nghĩ có cái gì đó không ổn - hàm răng của chả bóng lưỡng mà dzàng khè nicotine hà."

Michelle MoneThe lingerie tycoon accidentally picked up a man she mistook for a six-year-old boy while addressing 3,000 people in Vietnam as part of her mentoring programme.
Clearly seeing the humour in her awkward error, former Ultimo boss Michelle, 44, later shared the story with her 1.7m Twitter followers.

“Most embarrassing moment. Speaking in Vietnam to 3,000 people, thought this was a 6 year old, picked him up, he’s a MAN,” she wrote online.
The Tory peer, titled Baroness of Mayfair, met the man of small stature when he presented her with a bunch of flowers.
After accepting the bouquet, blonde bombshell Michelle proceeded to lift up the 46-year-old, who is married, so they could have a cuddle and take a photograph together.
She only realised her cringe-worthy mistake when the man’s partner shouted: “Put him down – I’m his wife!”

Source: thesun