Apr 2, 2016

fragrant orchids

Dã lan có hương thơm



Dã lan không chỉ đẹp ở màu sắc hình dạng khác nhau, nhưng chúng còn hấp dẫn ở mùi hương. Dã lan mua trong tiệm thực phẩm hay tiệm hoa thường là không có mùi huơng. Muốn có dã lan thơm thì tìm mua tại nông trại, nursery hoặc order trên net, giá hơi đắt một chút. 

Orchids are extremely diverse not only in color, size, and bloom shapes, but also in the way they smell. Common orchids sold in grocery stores, home improvement stores, and florists are usually not fragrant so if you’re interested in finding a fragrant species or hybrid, you’ll need to seek it out at an orchid farm, nursery, or online seller.
Sometimes an orchid’s fragrance is sweet and pleasant—but some can even be revolting and smell of rotting meat! In this article we’ll talk about 11 orchid varieties that are best known for their pleasant smelling fragrance and that we recommend you to try out. These are only a very small handful of wonderful-smefralling orchids, and is by no means a comprehensive list.