Apr 26, 2016

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Double Trouble (1967)
Director: Norman Taurog
Writers: Jo Heims , Marc Brandel 
Stars: Elvis Presley, Annette Day

Elvis' twenty-fourth movie was the 1967 MGM film 'Double Trouble'.
Taking advantage of the latest craze for discotheque dancing and the popularity of spy movies during the mid-1960s, the producers of Double Trouble combined the two fads to form the basic plot of this mediocre Elvis Presley musical. Elvis walks through the role of Guy Lambert, a pop singer who becomes involved with intrigue while playing the discotheque scene in London and Antwerp. Guy's problems begin when he meets heiress Jill Conway, played by young Annette Day, who has a crush on the singer -- much to the chagrin of her guardian. Jill leads Guy through numerous adventures involving spies, counterspies, jewel thieves, and harebrained detectives. The latter, played by the zany Wiere Brothers, provide the film's comic relief. Eventually, Jill succeeds in casting her spell over Guy, and the two marry. Based on a novel by Mark Brandel, the working title was 'You're Killing Me' and the idea was to give the movie the same feel as that of the zany comedic Beatles films 'Hard Days Night' and 'Help'. Although the movie is set in Europe, it was filmed in Hollywood.
Elvis Presley and Annette Day
Elvis Presley and Annette Day

This was the only movie made by Elvis' leading lady, Annette Day, who played Jill Conway in 'Double Trouble'. She was a young girl whom producer Judd Bernard saw working in her parents' antique shop in London. He thought that she would be right for the part in the movie despite her not having any previous acting experience. Several of her natural expressions such as 'Super!' and 'biccies' (cookies) were written into the script. During filming Elvis surprised the 18-year-old, who had yet to learn to drive, with a white Mustang convertible. Unable to take the gift back home to Britain, Ms. Day left it in the U.S. in her brother's care when she returned to England, where she still lives. Elvis' cousin Billy Smith served as Ms. Day's stand-in.

Source: Elvis fans