Mar 1, 2016

u.s economy is powering ahead.

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The Vietnamese dong ghost money as a copy of Sino king

Thay vì chăm chú vào China bịnh hoạn, investors trở lại nền kinh tế mạnh của Hoa Kỳ 

China's economy is getting sicker, but investors around the world no longer seem to care.

Despite a slew of "decisively poor" signals from China in recent days, stocks in the U.S. and Europe are rallying. The Dow is surging over 300 points on Tuesday alone.
Fears of a massive global recession have melted. The reason? The world's No. 1 economy is powering ahead.
"What has happened recently is U.S. economic fundamentals have improved," says Liz Ann Sonders, chief investment strategist at Schwab. Investors are once again "paying attention to U.S. fundamentals instead of every tick in the China data."
Not only is the U.S. looking better, oil prices have been rising too.

Source: CNN