Jan 10, 2016

wild-card game, seahawks 10 - viking 9

Trận đấu dưới trời lạnh khắc nghiệt, Minesota -6 độ F = -21 độ C. Seahawks của Seattle tưởng đã bị loại trực tiếp khỏi cuộc đua play off nhưng Vikings đã để mất điểm tại 20 giây cuối cùng do không đá trái banh được vào khung. Do đó, Seahawks sẽ vào tứ kết vào tuần tới Jan 17th với đội Panthers tại sân Carolina.

The Vikings were headed for what seemed like a certain victory, having driven to Seattle's 10-yard line to set up a 27-yard field-goal attempt that would have put Minnesota up by two points with just over 20 seconds left. Seattle had no timeouts remaining, which means all Walsh needed to do to send the Vikings to the divisional round was convert the football equivalent of a gimme putt, an attempt that was 5 yards shorter than a point-after try.
It wasn't solely because Walsh's kick hooked wide left that the Seahawks pulled off another improbable playoff win and the Vikings were dealt a stunning loss, but everyone will remember it that way.

"Obviously he's going to be devastated, but it never comes down to one play," Seahawks receiver Doug Baldwin said. "We would say the same thing for our kicker if he missed it. Unfortunately for him, all the weight is going to be on him. There were a lot of plays out there that we could have made that would have made it a lot less close. I feel for him."