Dec 15, 2015

chiến hạm guided missile destroyers cho taiwan

TT Obama thông báo Hoa Kỳ sẽ đồng ý bán và chuyển giao cho Taiwan vào tuần này 2 chiến hạm loại guided missile  destroyer, khu trục hạm trang bị phi đạn hướng dẫn. Trị giá 2 chiếc khoảng 176 triệu đô la. Taiwan cho biết có thể sẽ cần thêm 2 chiếc nữa.

The Obama administration is expected as soon as this week to authorize the sale of two guided missile frigates to Taiwan, U.S. congressional sources said on Monday, in spite of China's opposition to the deal.
"We're expecting an announcement as early as this week," a Republican congressional aide said. Another congressional aide said the notification from the administration was expected "any time now."
The sale would mark the first time in four years that the United States has shipped arms to Taiwan, the longest gap in such arm sales in nearly four decades.
It comes a year after Congress passed the Naval Transfer Act authorizing the sale of up to four Perry-class frigates to Taiwan in December 2014.
Taiwan has said it expects to pay about $176 million for the two vessels and that it would review its needs before making a decision on two more.