Jun 17, 2015

người lính vnch

Interview with Ngo Minh Khoi
Interview with Do Cuong
Interview with Dang Van Son

* Ngo Minh Khoi was a second lieutenant of the paratroop forces. In 1968 he was stationed in Sa-dec and recalls the Tet Offensive and his participation against the communist forces in the area of Tan Son Nhut. Lt. Ngo Minh Khoi contends that the Communists lost that battle and many of them were killed in the surrounding mines. He talks at length of the casualties that occurred and the weapons and other war materials he managed to capture from the Communists. The interview also touches on Lt. Ngo Minh Khoi’s thoughts on the Americans pulling out of Vietnam, his opposition to the government of President Nguyen Van Thieu and the eventual collapse of Saigon.

* Do Cuong served in the Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN) from 1967 – 1975. He describes his involvement in the battles in Quang-tri in the summer of 1972, and the successes they had against the North Vietnamese forces. He explains that the limitations placed upon the South Vietnamese forces by the Paris Agreement prevented them from having a decisive victory, and in fact ultimately led to South Vietnam’s collapse. Mr. Cuong recalls what it was like to work with Americans, and the military and political effects of their presence in the country.

* Army of the Republic of Vietnam Special Forces soldier, Major Dang Van Son was in active service from 1963 until 1975. Major Dang Van Son talks about military activities under his control in Moc Hoa, how he conducted his military operations, and his dealings with the communists. Major Dang Van Son also refers to the Phoenix Program and its effectiveness with regard to helping the Army of the Republic of Vietnam identify and deal with lower level communists.