Jan 18, 2015

seahawks will go super bowl in february 1st

The Seahawks took the lead for the first time of the day over the Green Bay Packers -- at the very end of the fourth quarter.
With less than two minutes left, the Seahawks scored a touchdown and then a two-point conversion.
Three field goals and a touchdown by the Packers, and two touchdowns by the Seahawks had the score at 19-14, toward the end of the fourth quarter.
'Time for some adjustments,' tweeted the Seattle Seahawks during half-time.
During the first half of the game, the Green Bay Packers completely shut out the Seahawks.
With fourteen seconds left on the clock, the score was 22-22. The game then went into overtime.
The Seahawks won during overtime, with a touchdown -- bringing the final score to 28-22.

Source:  Kirotv.com
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