Nov 16, 2014

survivor, san juan del sur

 Jeff Probst and crew return to the concept of last year’s successful ‘Blood vs Water” season, with only a few ‘known’ faces, and no returning players.
Jeff made his Nicaraguan introduction via helicopter, as the nine pairs of loved ones, dropped randomly on the island on Day 0, found flint and learned how to make shelter and fire together, before following a map to the gathering place for Day 1.
Survivor 2014 Blood vs Water San Juan del Sur Season 29 Spoilers Week 2 - Predictions, Who Will Lead?We briefly met the contestants; John and Jaclyn are college sweethearts. He played football at Michigan State; she was Miss Michigan in 2013.  They worry that people will hate them for being the “perfect couple.”
Former professional Atlanta Braves baseball player, John Rocker has girlfriend Julie McGee in tow. She’s a model who owns a spray tan business. He’s still trying to shake an image as a racist homophobe after his remarks in Sports Illustrated in 1999.
Baylor and Missy, a mother/daughter team from Dallas, share a passion for competitive cheerleading and a fear of howler monkeys. They believe Missy’s three divorces have bonded them into a perfect duo.

Source:  Surviver 2014