Oct 9, 2014

nobel văn chương 2014

Patrick Modiano
Born: 30 July 1945, Paris, France
Residence at the time of the award: France
Prize motivation: "for the art of memory with which he has evoked the most ungraspable human destinies and uncovered the life-world of the occupation" (Nobelprize.org)

 "qua nghệ thuật của ký ức mà ông đã gợi lên số phận thầm kín nhất của con người và đã phơi bày nhân tình thế thái của thời xâm chiếm ".  

[Patrick Modiano, the French novelist whose works often explore the traumas of the Nazi occupation of France and hinge on the themes of memory, loss and the puzzle of identity, won the 2014 Nobel Prize in Literature on Thursday.
In an announcement in Stockholm, the Swedish Academy cited Mr. Modiano’s ability to evoke “the most ungraspable human destinies” in his work.
The Nobel, one of the most prestigious and financially generous awards in the world, comes with a $1.1 million prize. The literature prize is given out for a lifetime of writing rather than for a single work.
Mr. Modiano, who has published about 30 works, has written novels, children’s books and screenplays, first rose to prominence in 1968 with his novel “La Place de l’Étoile.”
Many of his fictional works are set in Paris during World War II, and some play with the detective genre. His works have been translated around the world, and about a dozen of his books have been translated into English, but he is not widely known outside France.]

Source:  nytimes.com