May 7, 2014

jeopardy show

screenshot of Julia Collins '05 on set of Jeopardy

Julia Collins almost missed her chance to be on the popular game show "Jeopardy." She was lugging a Christmas tree inside her Chicago home when the show producers called.
Fortunately, it more than worked out for Collins. She won her 10th Jeopardy game in a row on Friday, giving her the longest winning streak ever by a woman on the show.
Jeopardy is now running two weeks of the "Battle of the Decades" tournament, so her many fans await her return on May 19 to see if she can add to her $220,610 in prize money.
That accomplishment alone puts her in an elite group of trivia masters. She is only the fourth person to win 10 or more games, according to a show spokeswoman.
"I just wanted to win one game. I wasn't really thinking about [the record for women]," Collins told CNNMoney. She had actually tried to get on the show years ago, but believes she didn't make the cut because she was too nervous.
"I had watched other women be really great players, and I played against women who were strong players, so I was surprised how few women become Jeopardy champions and have long runs," the 31-year-old supply chain management expert says.