Mar 8, 2014

java island

Kaliuran village.Becak on city street.     
Travelling surfer looks for the barrel at wave known as 'Indicators'.Traffic & pedestrians on street outside city market.                                                                                                        

Young women at food stall (warung kopi).Two surfers wading out at Grajagan Bay.


Of all the 17,000 islands that make up Indonesia, Java is king. It may not have the beaches of Bali, the jungles of Kalimantan, or the remoteness of Papua, but it’s the heart of the country, a heart with more drive and energy than any other island in this vast archipelago. With 120 million people crammed into an area half the size of Great Britain, Java is one populated place. And with such unfathomable human resources, it’s no wonder that the nation’s political and economic past, present and future are decided within its shores. For many, Indonesia quite simply begins and ends with Java.

Java island