Feb 24, 2014

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Viktor Yanukovich's luxury estate

The house became a tourist attraction for the day. Visitors were able to take a look at the exotic gardens and monuments dotted around the estateOpulence: Ukranians walk around President Yanukovych's countryside residence in Mezhyhirya. The property has been closed off to the public during his reign                                                     

A man gives a thumbs up behind the bar which is nestled in a corner of the residencePeople wander around President Viktor Yanukovych's Mezhyhirya estate, which was abandoned by security                                                             



The marble floors are covered in intricate patterns and the room is surrounded by vases filled with roses
Protestors watch a ship, which was converted into a restaurant. Protestors took full control of the premises after Yanukovych was ousted from power

A beautiful forested estate of graceful waterways, summer houses and exotic gardens.
This is the home of Ukraine's fugitive president, who was dramatically ousted from power after one of the worst periods of violence in the country's history.
Ukraniains streamed to see Viktor Yanukovich's luxury estate, which has been closed off to the world for nearly a decade, and rubbed their eyes in disbelief when they were confronted by the scale of the opulence he built around him.
The property in Mezhyhirya, an hours drive from Kiev, has a golf course, helicopter pad and is situated in a country where the average salary is less than £300 a month.
Below the house, a garage is filled with classic sports cars worth millions, while in the exotic gardens Australian and African ostriches stretch their legs.

Viktor Yanukovich' s house