Nov 8, 2013

haiyan typhoon in philippines

MANILA — A powerful typhoon ripped through the Philippines on Friday, killing more than 100 people in a city on Leyte Island, a Civil Aviation Authority official said on Saturday.
Victims’ bodies lay in the streets of the city, Tacloban, one of the hardest hit by the storm, Capt. John Andrews, the authority’s deputy director general, told The Associated Press. Although the storm had knocked out power and most communications, Captain Andrews said, his staff relayed news of the deaths. “The information is reliable,” he told the news service.

By some accounts the typhoon, named Haiyan, ranked among the world’s strongest. But because it moved across the country so rapidly, it may not have killed as many people as feared. Experts say that is because it did not linger long enough to deluge the islands with rain that can cause the widespread flooding and mudslides that often lead to very high death tolls. Tacloban, however, was deluged.

The storm, called Yolanda in the Philippines, moved across the country around 25 miles per hour, roughly twice as fast as Typhoon Bopha, which killed more than a thousand people last year, experts said.
“Fortunately, this moved like a Porsche,” said Michael Padua, a senior typhoon specialist at a private forecasting group, Weather Philippines. (Haiyan typhoon),  (Haiyan typhoon)