Oct 9, 2013

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Amedeo Modiglian, portraits and nudes

File:Portrait of Beatrice Hastings Amedeo Modigliani 1916.jpegFile:Porträt der Jeanne Hébuterne, Amedeo Modigliani.jpg

File:Amedeo Modigliani 010.jpg                                                                                                                           
File:Amedeo Modigliani 012.jpg                                                                                                                                                          

File:Amedeo Modigliani 063.jpg


File:Nude on a Blue Cushion.jpg

Left to right, up to down
Portrait of Jeanne Hébuterne, 1918 *  Portrait of Beatrice Hastings, 1916
Red Nude, 1917 *  The little peasant, 1918, Tate Modern, London
Nude on a Blue Cushion, 1917 *  Nude Sitting on a Divan, 1917

Amedeo Modigliani,  (born July 12, 1884, Livorno, Italy—died January 24, 1920, Paris, France), Italian painter and sculptor whose portraits and nudes—characterized by asymmetrical compositions, elongated figures, and a simple but monumental use of line—are among the most important portraits of the 20th century. (britannica.com)