Dec 17, 2012

vietnam is the back yard of china anyway


Photographer: Cheng Hsiao-chen
1965, 10 FebruaryPeking rally
 supports Vietnamese people's
just struggle against U.S aggression

Thousands of China suports Vietcong posters in the Vietnam war  period.

Practice skills, be always prepared, support Vietnam, wipe out the American aggressor!, 1966

American imperialism must be driven out of Southern Vietnam!, 1963American imperialism must be defeated, 1965

Oppose the American infringement upon the Vietnamese Democratic Republic!, 1965
Posters: left to right, up to down

1- Chi viện VN tiêu diệt đế quốc Mỹ
2-  Chúc nhân dân VN đánh Mỹ thắng lợi vĩ đại
3-  Đế Quốc Mỹ tất bại
4- Đế quốc Mỹ cút khỏi Việt nam
5- Phản đối Mỹ xâm lược nước VNDCCH
6- Đế quốc Mỹ cút khỏi Việt nam

China and Vietnam are like 2 sisters. They are all the same  communist  ideology in the past and now in the present . They have got the same free entrance border, same red party flag, red nation flag. Same politics system, same economy model and same society structure . They have the same everything. They may call with no doutd Vietnam is the back yard of China.