Dec 17, 2012

fake fighting among vee cee guys

There is a fake, make believe  fighting among Vee Cee top guys. Cause they actually have no power . The real power in Sino' s hands of course. That' s  true. Be aware of them psychic jerks. Always. Also, they sometime set up a play Vina vs Sino on S.China Sea issue bla bla bla to look like a real story. Really? Nope, the Vietcong they have sold out it for China under an official agreement in Vietnam war time and enjoyed their betray to Vietnamese ancestor and people.

Đồng chí ý thức hệ

A "Vina vs Sino in S. China Sea" play
I: Đấu đá? Fighting?
II: Độn đít? What's up?
III: Đã đã! Oh, yeah!