Dec 6, 2012

a beautiful and brave girl in hanoi


Children clothings - Vietnam and Thailand only,
30K - 150K dongs
Guarantee no made in China items

Trinh Kim Tien and her hang on sale
items with no-China sign bags

 Hanoi undercover police plus mob gangs stole
and threw  Kim Tien's sale clothings in their truck

Hanoi customers agree to do
business with Kim Tien

Her name is Trinh Kim Tien. She is a factory woker and do have a small business to sale children clothings, after work. But, her extra job is so different that which no sale China items at all. She has a notice sign board at herself  hang on street wall business. Of course, it is not easy in a so called China' s-little -brother-country like Vietnam. The undercover police plus some mob gangs they were coming. They said Kim Tien must stop. She said no, why? They kept silent and they stole Tien' s sale items and hit. Tien lost budgets, but she said she is feeling good . Cause, while the Vee Cee goverment so weak and so fearful in front of China, she has done a good thing is damn boycott it. Another story about her that people still remember. Her father was beaten till death in a Hanoi police station by a police officer last year because he was not wearing a helmet when riding a bike!