Aug 24, 2012

nam liềm bắc búa, vn không lúa thì cũng ...úa

Source: danlambao
Black hair guy N.T. Dung, white hair guy N.P. Trong

The play of  so called "South-side and North-side "
or " Who West-side fighting against who East-side"! that occurs inside
Vietnamese Communist Party.
Suck! Actually, they are playing a game under the supervision of boss
Chinese director only ! They both have the same flag, same idea . Right?
West or East ? Nope ! Always Hammer or Sickle! That' s very simple and easy.

Thân Tàu đấu đá thân Tây ? Nope ! Hổng dám đâu! Chỉ có thân búa đấu thân ...
liềm thôi ! Nam liềm bắc búa, dân VN không ... lúa thì cũng ... úa !