May 5, 2012

tranh nguyên khai



Nguyen Khai (Khai Buu) was born in Hue, South Vietnam in 1940. He graduated from the National School of Fine Arts in 1963. He is one of the founders of the prestigious Association of Young Vietnamese Artists and won the Bronze Medal at a Spring Art Exhibition in Saigon even before his graduation. In 1981, after six years of communist regime, Nguyen Khai and his family resettled in California where he was able to re-gain his artistic freedom.
Nguyen Khai is known for his creativity, imagery and strong use of color. He delves deep into his cultural past and new western experience for inspiration. His oil paintings evoke romantic interludes, nostalgic yearnings and sensuous beauty. Khai's talent extends to include non-traditional art such as abstract, mixed media and stone carvings. Nguyen Khai has created a series of mixed media designed to explore the effects of technology on human life and spirituality which he named "Mankind and Computers".  Họa sĩ Nguyên Khai