Jul 22, 2017

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new aircraft carrier

​Hàng không mẫu hạm USS Gerald R. Ford

President Donald Trump is delivering remarks in Norfolk, Virginia at the commissioning ceremony of the USS Gerald R. Ford. The U.S. Navy’s new aircraft carrier is billed as “the most advanced in the world” and boasts the ability to carry more aircraft and weapons than any ship before.

According to  Fox News report “The USS Gerald R. Ford is $13 billion futuristic ship complete with a gigantic flight deck and a new electromagnetic system to launch aircraft. The state-of-the-art tech and operational systems mean aircraft will be able to take off faster to get to the fight quicker.”


Jul 20, 2017

active laser weapon

(CNN)In the sometimes hostile waters of the Persian Gulf looms the US Navy's first -- in fact, the world's first -- active laser weapon.
The LaWS, an acronym for Laser Weapons System, is not science fiction. It is not experimental. It is deployed on board the USS Ponce amphibious transport ship, ready to be fired at targets today and every day by Capt. Christopher Wells and his crew.
CNN was granted exclusive access to a live-fire test of the laser.

In an instant, the drone's wing lit up, heated to a temperature of thousands of degrees, lethally damaging the aircraft and sending it hurtling down to the sea.
The strike comes silently and invisibly. "It operates in an invisible part of the electromagnetic spectrum so you don't see the beam, it doesn't make any sound, it's completely silent and it's incredibly effective at what it does," said Hughes.

However, the Navy is developing more powerful, second-generation systems which would bring more significant targets into its crosshairs: missiles.
Those missions remain classified. However, the commander and crew are very much aware of the potential capabilities. When we asked Wells if the current LaWS could shoot down a missile, he said simply "maybe" and smiled.


Jul 14, 2017

harry potter turns 20

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Believe it or not, the world almost missed out onharry potter turns 20 Harry Potter.
Author J.K. Rowling has told the story of how she received "loads" of rejections before "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" (known in the U.S. as "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone") was finally published on June 26, 1997.
Rowling once told fans that she couldn't even get books published under the pseudonym of Robert Galbraith, which she used for some thrillers she wrote.

.  meg @babymegs_
@jk_rowling how many no's did you get before you finally got published?

 J.K. Rowling ✔ @jk_rowling
.@babymegs_ Loads! First publisher to turn down Harry also sent @RGalbraith his rudest rejection. They don't even want me in a beard.

But, as wizards everywhere now know, Rowling and her imagination eventually broke through in a major way.
In celebration of the 20th anniversary the first Potter adventure, let's take a look at how Rowling's magical writing changed the world.

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tôi đã đến red town

Red Town

Con đường đi trong rừng mùa nắng ven suối nhỏ róc rách
Thấy thế nhưng không dễ vì nó là Coal Creek Park trail
Ở chổ ngả rẽ đi Primrose Trail hay về Red Town
Tôi đi vào Red Town

Về Red Town leo lên ngọn đồi lá xanh nắng vàng tuyệt sắc
Và đổ dốc len lỏi suối nhỏ quanh co vắt trong nằm đá cuội
Những sóc chuyền và chim hoang ví von nhạc mấy trường canh
Chỉ có thế thì Tiên Cảnh lạc bước Đào Nguyên là gì
Nhưng không dễ vì Coal Creek Park trail đường nhỏ leo rừng

Mùa Hạ

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Nắng chói ngàn hương lên qua những ngày sương mưa lạnh
Cô gái và con chó nhỏ lặng lẽ vượt qua mùa oi nồng mệt nhoài
Những người ta lầm lũi  mong đến Red Town Thành Phố Đỏ
Red Town
Tôi đã đến Red Town
Hóa ra đó chỉ là một nhành hoa Bách Điểm Hồng đỏ hoang

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Coal Creek Park trail
Northwest 7/2017

summer beaches

Image result for Necker Island, British Virgin IslandsImage result for Curtain Bluff, AntiguaImage result for Beachwalker Park, Kiawah Island
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